2018 Resolutions

Resolution 2018-01-08D Contract with Essential Business Services

Resolution 2018-01-08C Authorized Bank Signers

Resolution 2018-01-08B Electing Secretary

Resolution 2018-01-08A Electing President

2017 Resolutions

Resolution 2017-12-14C Updating Admin and OP Directives

Resolution 2017-12-14B Investing in LGIP

Resolution 2017-12-14A Adopting 2018 Budget

Resolution 2017-6-8 Update Admin and Operating procedures

Resolution 2017-5-11C Ornnellas Contract

Resolution 2017-5-11A Cashmere Bank Signers

Resolution 2017-1-12B Electing Secretary

Resolution 2017-1-12 A Electing President


2016 Resolutions

Resolution 2016-12-14 Cross Connection Rule

Resolution 2016-11-10A Accepting Operation & Admin Policy changes

Resolution 2016-02-11B Electing Secretary for 2016

Resolution 2016-02-11A Electing President for 2016

Resolution 2016-01-28 B Confirming LID#1 Assessment roll

Resolution 2016-01-28A Authorizing Amendment #11 with RH2

Resolution 2016-1-14 Adopting 2016 Budget

2015 Resolutions

Resolution 2015-12-10 Setting the LID date

Resolution 2015-7-9 Update Op & Admin Directives

Resolution 2015-2-12B FDMC Contract

Resolution 2015-2-12A Contract with POW

Resolution 2015-1-8C Electing Secretary

Resolution 2015-1-8B Electing President

Resolution 2015-1-8A Adopting 2015 Budget


2014 Resolutions

Resolution 2014-08-14 CIAW fiscal yr change

Resolution 2014-5-8B Emergency Contracts

Resolution 2014-5-8A RH2 Amendment 7

Resolution 2014-04-24B CSI Contract

Resolution 2014-04-24A Belsaas and Smith Contract

Resolution 2014-2-13 adopting 2014 Budget

Resolution 2014-01-23 Adopting the WUE goals

Resolution 2014-1-9B Electing Secretary

Resolution 2014-1-9A Resolution electing President


2013 Resolutions

Resolution 2013-08-08 Increse Imprest Acct. to $1000.00

Resolution 2013-07-25 Increasing Commissioners Compensation

Resolution 2013-627B Establishing a Public Records Policy

Resolution 2013-627A Establishing a Small Works Roster Process

Resolution 2013-5-23 to update Admin & Operation Directives

Resolution 2013- 214 Increase clerk’s pay

Resolution 2013-110B Electing Bruce Harris President

Resolution 2013-110A Electing Bonnie Klasell Secretary


2012 Resolutions

2012-6-28A Commissioner Compensation

2012-7-5A Cruickshank Contract

2012-7-5B Meeting Time

2012-7-12A Admin and OP Directives

2012-7-12B 2012-2013 Budget

2012-7-19A Interim Rate

2012-7-19B Tumwater Contract

2012-7-26 Joint Resolution

2012-8-9A CIP Fund

2012-8-9B Revenue Collection Accoun

2012-8-9C RH2 Amendment 3

2012-8-16 Resolution Increase Imprest

2012-9-13 Fitzpatrick Contract

2012-9-27A Transfering Monies between Funds

2012-9-27B Replacing Secretary

2012-9-27C Secretary Compensation

2012-9-27D Update Admin and OP Policies