Our District was formed in 2006 to merge five private water systems,
and is a non‐profit municipality, governed by a Board of Commissioners elected by the
residents of the District. We have one main purpose ‐ to provide customers with the best services at the lowest possible cost.


Lake Wenatchee Water District

PO Box 2813, Leavenworth WA   98826-2813

For district concerns, contact Elaine Kinney – clerk@lakewenatcheewaterdistrict.org  or (509) 679-1353

For billing inquiries,  billing@lakewenatcheewaterdistrict.org

For emergency water issues, please contact clerk.  If she is not available, please contact our System Operator

System operator: Charlie Cruickshank 509-429-0424


Postion 1:     Vacant

Postion 2:     Bonnie Klasell       bklasell@lakewenatcheewaterdistrict.org

Postion 3:     Bruce Harris          bharris@lakewenatcheewaterdistrict.org